$8.99 Great Clips Coupon For Haircut

People are saving money on their haircuts at Great Clips Just by using one coupon. The $8.99 Great Clips coupon is one of the most usable coupons. You can trim your hair and get an awesome hairstyle at Great Clips Salon for just $8.99. If you know about Great Clips then you’ll also know about their haircut prices. For a regular haircut, you have to pay around $20-$25 at Great Clips Salons.

Great Clips is one of the great hair salon chains in the USA and Canada. They have 4000+ salons around the United States and Canada. Great Clips offers great offers and coupons for their customers. They offer you several grooming services at an affordable price. The great thing is that you can save more on their affordable services by using their coupons.

$8.99 Great Clips Coupon

Now you are here to get a $8.99 Great Clips coupon for your haircut because with this coupon you can get your hair trimmed for just $8.99. Most Great Clips haircut coupons are printable coupons. You will have to understand how you can get this Great Clips coupon and how you can use it to get a discount on your haircut. You can use this coupon for men’s haircuts, kid’s haircuts, and women’s haircuts.

$8.99 Great Clips Coupon

Location Or AreaPrintable Coupon
Mission Trace at 965 State Road 16 in Saint AugustineCoupon
River City Marketplace at 790 Skymarks Dr in JacksonvilleCoupon

Active Coupons:

Guide To Get $8.99 Great Clips Printable Coupon

If you want this Great Clips 8.99 coupon for your haircut. So you have to follow these steps to get this coupon.

  • When you land on the coupon page you will see the page like the image given below. I am providing the image that you can understand easily.

$8.99 Great Clips Printable Coupon

  • Now you see the green color button that says “Print Coupon” Just Press that button.
  • After that, you will see the popup with a coupon code that will give you the option to print that coupon.
  • I know that not everyone carries the printer with them and people don’t have the printer. What should you do in that case?
  • Don’t worry! just save the coupon as a PDF or take a screenshot of the coupon and go to the printing shop and print the coupon.
  • That’s it, you are ready to trim your haircut for just $8.99 with the help of the $8.99 Great Clips coupon.

Pros & Cons

1.You can get your haircut at Great Clips Salon for just $8.99. You can use the coupon only on participating Great Clips Salons.
2.Most of the Great Clips Slons will accept the coupon. You may have to pay taxes.
3.Sometimes you can add additional service with a coupon. Great Clips salons are independently owned and they have the right to accept the coupon or not. If they are not accepting the coupon, you can not do anything.

Save $8.99 Great Clips Coupon For Later

Yes, you heard it right, if you are not ready to cut your hair or you don’t have time to go to the salon you can save this coupon for later use.

You will see the box under the coupon code where you can enter your email address. Just enter your email address tick the checkbox and solve the captcha. Then you will see the button that says “Send To Email” Press that button and the coupon will delivered to your email address. you can see the coupon in your email inbox.

Note: You have to read the description of the coupon because in the description section, you will get to know clearly where you can use the $8.99 Great Clips Coupon.

Redeem $8.99 Great Clips Haircut Coupon

To redeem this $8.99 Great Clips printable coupon, you have to follow these steps and you can grab the discount on your haircut.

  • Bring the printed coupon with you and visit the Great Clips Salon in the same area as the coupon description.
  • Now you have to ask them first about the coupon are they accepting it or not?
  • If they accept the coupon, then you are good to trim your hair for just $8.99.
  • To get the discount, you have to give them your printed coupon during checkout.
  • They will scan your coupon and special pricing will add to your final bill.

Great Clips $8.99 Coupon


How Do I Get Great Clips $8.99 Coupons?

You can get a $8.99 Great Clips coupon on their official website and mobile app. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get more offers and coupons. Coupon website, Social media, and also on your local Great Clips salons.

Does Great Clips Offer $8.99 Haircut Coupon?

Yes, Great Clips offers a $8.99 Great Clips coupon for a haircut. and many coupons like this.

Can Use The $8.99 Great Clips Printable Coupon On Any Haircut?

Unfortunately, you can not use the $8.99 Great Clips coupon for any haircut you want. You can use this coupon on regular haircuts. You can not add any additional services with this coupon.

Can I Use Great Clips $8.99 Coupon Multiple Times?

You can not use the same $8.99 Great Clips coupon multiple times. But you can get another 8.99 Great Clips coupon and use it.

I Can’t Print The Coupon What Should I Do?

If you can’t print the coupon, in that case, you can take a screenshot of the coupon and show them the screenshot during checkout time and they will accept it.