$9.99 Great Clips Coupon For Haircut

Our hairstyle plays a significant role in our appearance and in this era of inflation, haircuts are not cheaper now. But Great Clips cares about its customers and that’s why Great Clips offers an incredible haircut offer for its customers. You can trim your hair at Great Clips Salon for just $9.99. But to get this discount on your haircut you must need a $9.99 Great Clips coupon.

In this post, you will get to know how you can get this $9.99 great clips haircut coupon. Don’t miss this opportunity to trim your hair at Great Clips Salon for just $9.99. This Great Clips 9.99 coupon is the Great way to save on your haircut.

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$9.99 Great Clips Coupon Printable

Now here you can get this incredible $9.99 great clips coupon for yourself. You can use this coupon on any person like your children, and yourself. Before we proceed you need to know that Great Clips Coupons availability is based on the location or area. So you can not use the coupon for any salon you want. You can use the coupon at the salon in the area mentioned in the coupon.

$9.99 Great Clips Coupon

Currently, there are Five working Great Clips 9.99 coupons available so you are free to try both. Try both coupons and enjoy your haircut only for $9.99

Great Clips 9.99 coupon

LocationPrintable Coupon
Hebron – Arrowhead Plaza at 620 East Main Street in HebronCoupon
Millers Chapel at 2133 Highway 20 SE in ConyersCoupon

How To Get Printable $9.99 Great Clips Coupon

To get this Great Clips Printable Coupon you have to follow these steps and you will get this coupon.

  • First of all, you have to press that button given above, which says “print coupon”
  • You will be taken to the coupon page as soon as you press that button.
  • The coupon page will look like the image down below.

coupon page of great clips 9.99 coupon

  • Now you will see the green button again, and you have to press the button.
  • Then you can get the option to print the coupon.
  • that’s all, just print the $9.99 Great Clips coupon and you are ready to trim your hair without breaking the bank.

Note: If you see the text ” We’re sorry! This offer has ended” instead of the print coupon button. That means the coupon is expired or not available for your area or location. But don’t worry, you can also get a discount on Great Clips in many ways. You just have to ask for the latest offer from your nearest Great Clips Salon.

Save It For Later Use

If your hair is not long enough to be cut, But you also don’t want to lose this $9.99 Great Clips Coupon. There is no need to worry because you can save this Great Clips coupon for later use. I will tell you 3 ways to save this Great Clips 8.99 coupon for your later use.

  • The first way is to get this coupon to your email address. To get this, you have to enter your email address in the box. You can find the email box below the coupon code.
  • Bookmark the coupon’s webpage and when you need the coupon. Open the webpage print the coupon and save your money. this is the second option.
  • The third option is to print the coupon and you will see the expiry date of the coupon, You will get approx 2 weeks to use the coupon. Just use the coupon before its expiration date.

Steps To Redeem This Printable $9.99 Great Clips Coupon

Now if you don’t know how you will use this Great Clips 9.99 coupon to get a discount on your haircut. So don’t worry i will tell you step by step how you can redeem this Great Clips haircut coupon.

  • The most important thing is to print the coupon or take a screenshot of the coupon.
  • Now go to the Great Clips Salon, tell them you have the $9.99 Great Clips coupon, and ask them if are they accepting the coupon or not.
  • If they said yes, then trim your hair and get a great haircut.
  • At checkout time you have to show the coupon that you carry with you.
  • that’s it they will give you the discount that you will get with the coupon.

$9.99 Great Clips Coupon

More Saving Tips

Here I am going to tell some saving tips and if you use them you can save good money at Great Clips Salon.

  • You can follow your local area Great Clips Salon on social media like Facebook and Instagram. And you will get updates about their offers.
  • Ask your local Great Clips salon about their latest offers or coupons. Local salons will give you a special discount.
  • Sign up for their newsletter and you will get a $2 off coupon for your next haircut.


Is it compulsory to Print the $9.99 Great Clips coupon?

Yes, Most of the Great Clips Hair Salons accept printed coupons only. You can also use a screenshot as a printed coupon. But you have to ask them first about the screenshot of the coupon.

Can I use this Great Clips 9.99 coupon for hairstyling?

No, you can not use this coupon for hairstyling because this Great Clips 9.99 coupon can be used for regular haircuts only. But you can ask them about additional services with this coupon, sometimes Great Clips Salons offers additional services with a coupon.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Get a $9.99 Great Clips Coupon?

If you can’t get this coupon for your area or locations. So you can visit your local Great Clips Salon and ask them about their latest offers. And trust me you will find better offers from your local Great Clips Salon.

Can I Get Great Clips $9.99 Coupon On Instagram?

Yes, you can find a $9.99 haircut coupon on Instagram, you just have to follow the Great Clips Instagram account and keep checking their latest posts and you will find many coupons for yourself.