Get Information About Great Clips Haircut Prices

Great Clips is one of the best hair salon chains in the United States and Canada. Most people want to get their haircut at Great Clips Salon because they are affordable and also offer great services for their customers. Great Clips is a popular choice of people.

If you were thinking of getting a haircut at Great Clips salon, this post can be helpful for you. In this post, I am going to tell you the Great Clips haircut price structure. With the help of this post, you can get a basic idea of Great Clips haircut prices.

Great Clips Salon is working on its own. So you can get different prices on different Great Clips Salons. Down below you can find the latest Great Clips haircut prices.

List Of Great Clips Haircut Prices

Great Clips Haircut Prices

Children (10 Years Old or Under) $20-$22
Senior Citizen Haircut (65 Years Old or Over)$20-$22
Neck Trim$5-$10
Bang Trim$5-$10
Regular Hairstyle$45-$50
Long Style$55-$60
Formal Style$70-$75
Beard Trim$5-$10
Partial Perm$35-$59

Why Choose Great Clips?

Great Clips is the most popular hair Salon in the United States and Canada. They offer incredible services to their customers and also offer great deals and coupons for their customers. Senior Citizens can get $2 off on their haircut.

Other hair salons’ haircut prices start from $28 and Great Clips haircut prices start from $20. Why pay more when you get a great haircut at cheap prices?

Great Clips Kids Haircut Prices

Let’s start with kid’s haircut prices at Great Clips Salons. I am telling you the prices of my nearby Great Clips Salon. This can help you to get an idea about kid’s haircut prices at Great Clips Salon. Children under 10 years old can get special offers from Great Clips.

Regular Haircut$20-$25
Unique Style Haircut$25-$30
Bang Trim$10-$15

Great Clips Men’s Haircut Prices

Great Men’s haircut prices start from $20-$25. Men can get many more services instead of haircuts. In the table below you can get information about men’s all Great Clips haircut services.

Regular Haircut$20-$25
Hairstyle $45-$50
Bang Trim$10
Neck Trim$10
Beard Trim$10

Great Clips Haircut Price For Senior

If you are a senior and your age is 65 years old or over then the first thing you can get is $2 off on your haircut. And for a senior citizen Great Clips haircut price start from $20-$22.

Regular Haircut$20-$22
Regular Style$45-$50
Long Style$55-$60
Formal Style$65-$75
Neck Trim$10
Bang Trim$10
Beard Trim$10

Great Clips Women’s Haircut Price

Women can get a wide range of services at Great Clips Salon. Down below you can all service and their prices. Regular Great Clips haircut price for a woman is around $25-$30.

Standard Haircut$25-$30
Unique Style Haircut$30-$40
Conditioning $10-$17
Bang Trim$10
Regular Length Haircut$25-$35
Long Length Haircut$35-$45
Formal Style$35-$60
Partial Perm$35-$60
Full Perm$50-$79
Long Perm$85-$99

With this post, you can get a basic idea about Great Clips haircut prices for kids, men’s, women’s, and seniors. You can also check the service prices of your nearest Great Clips Salon.

To learn your nearest Great Clips Salon service prices, Just go to the Great Clips official website and go to the find a salon section. Enter your ZIP Code select your nearest salon and go to the “more about services and prices”. That’s how you learn about their service prices.


How Much Is A Haircut At Great Clips?

Great Clips regular haircut prices start from $20-$25. All Great Clips salons work on their own so the prices should be different on some Great Clips Salons.

Great Clips Men’s Haircut Cost?

For men, the Great Clips haircut cost should be around $20-$25. This cost is for only a regular haircut. If you want a unique style haircut you have to pay around $45-$50.

How Much Is Great Clips Kids Haircut Price?

If your kid is under 10 years old so Great Clips will offer a special discount. For 10 years old and over kids’ haircut you have to pay around $20-$22.

How Much Do Great Clips Women’s Haircut Price?

For a standard haircut, women should pay around $25-30. For women, Great Clips offers a bunch of services, and all services have different prices.

How Much Is Perm Cost At Great Clips?

For a partial perm, you have to pay around $35-$60. If you want to do full perm then you have to pay around $50-$79. For a full perm, the cost should be around $85-$99.

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